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A new business affiliated with Virginia College in Austin, Texas, recently opened its doors in the Capitol City, with the aim of assisting medical practices in their billing and medical coding needs.  Virginia College Healthcare Reimbursement Services (HRS) is a billing service owned and operated by the school, and is managed and staffed by certified professionals in the medical billing and coding industry.  Utilizing this unique opportunity, the operations give students in the school’s Medical Billing and Coding or Healthcare Reimbursement academic programs the opportunity to work in the real world—under the supervision of the pros—while they complete their training.

The operation is located at 1106 Clayton Lane, Suite 250W in Austin.  The telephone number is 512-687-7200.

Site manager Cheri Freeman, says that approximately one fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to under pricing, under coding, missed charges or un-reimbursed claims. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost annually due to medical billing errors.  Employing HRS as an outsource partner can not only have an immediate impact on a practice’s bottom line, but frees up physicians and staff to concentrate on patients instead of being burdened with reimbursement issues.

HRS recently launched its web site at www.vcmedbilling.com.  The site further explains how HRS works with Virginia College and physician practices.