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Medical Billing Student Testimonials
“As a medical billing student, HRS provided me with hands on experience in all parts of the billing cycle, from verifying benefits to charge entry and posting payments, to making follow up calls. The program helped me to gain the experience needed to find employment soon after graduation.” Ericka

“Going through the HRS program made a big impact on how I see medical billers and to keep my decision to stay in the medical biller field as I finished out my schooling. The program went through each step of the billing cycle and broke it down step by step with realistic examples, which made it easier to understand and grasp the concept at each step. Finishing this program has put me in the right direction to becoming a medical biller. I was and am able to talk with employers about the billing cycle and give feedback on what I know and have learned, which has made a good impression. I have definitely used what I’ve learned in the program toward my everyday work life.” Sandra

“HRS is an excellent program and a great opportunity for anyone desiring to become a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist.  When I enrolled in this program, I did not imagine that I would be learning so much in such a short time!  I started in early January 2015 and by mid-May I had already taken and passed my certification exam. Kudos to Cheri and Melanie for their outstanding work as instructors. It made the course so much easier to complete! I highly recommend this course and certification. I am now working from home as a CMRS and am loving my new job and career.” Maria
Professional References

“We have worked with Cheri Freeman for many years. She has always been enthusiastic and willing to dig in and learn and to help others learn. She is a problem solver and a do-er. We have yet to see an instance where she has not excelled — her work ethic and professionalism is top notch. Cheri has been a leader among her AMBA peers and we feel very honored to have had her serve on our Certifying Board and as a National Advisory Board member in past years. We feel that HRS has combined the best training environment available — instructor lead, online learning and hands on training. Students can learn what they need to know about medical billing.” Cyndee Weston, Executive Director, AMBA

“From 2009 to 2013 Cheri Freeman ran Healthcare Reimbursement Services Billing Company in Austin, Tx. This company served two purposes. First, we were a full service billing company providing billing services for 15 different medical practices throughout the country. Secondly, we provided a learning lab for students at Virginia College to perform their required Externships prior to graduating in the Medical Billing and Coding program. The program was a total success due to the keen insight that Cheri had for the needs of our students. She designed the materials that the students used to learn medical billing and coding and developed the curriculum that the students used to learn the business. Most, if not all of this curriculum was actual hands on experience with the billing and coding processes within the office. During the time that Cheri ran this business, the job placements for student increased by 70%. The medical practices that hired these students were also impressed with their ability to start their new jobs right away with little training on the basics of medical billing . In fact, the medical community in Austin were so impressed with the quality of the graduated students, that they often requested our students once they graduated. Finally and probably most important, when surveyed, our students consistently graded the experience they had while working at Healthcare Reimbursement Services under Cheri’s direction, their most valuable experience while attending Virginia College.” Jeff Reiner