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Department of Insurance Helps Increase Clinic Bottom Line

What could your clinic do with an additional $6000?  Or much more?  What if you had an ally in the government who could and would be willing to assist you?   An often forgotten or under-utilized ally is your state’s Department of Insurance.  We are HRS have had great success by relying on our allies at […]

V.O.B. Tip of the Day—Medicare Secondary Plans

As mentioned yesterday, verification of benefits (V.O.B) is the 1st step in the billing process and it will affect your bottom line. Today’s tip/trend is related to Medicare beneficiaries and their secondary coverage.  Many practices incorrectly assume that if a patient has a secondary plan to Medicare, that the Medicare deductibles and coinsurance portions will […]


I am so excited to be starting my blog and get it up and running!  I have a long way to go but this is a start right? As a certified medical reimbursement specialist, it is important for me to stay current with what is happening in the healthcare industry and to share that information […]