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One of the most common questions we hear posed by new graduates from medical billing schools all over the country is, “How can I get a job with no experience?” Job Hunting

This is a legitimate question since the majority of positions advertised online in the medical billing world stipulate “xx of years experience” required or preferred.

Please do not be discouraged by these job ads!  You should be aware that the healthcare industry is booming right now and employers are in great need of well trained staff.  In a perfect world, they would hire only people with loads of experience in their particular specialty and with their particular software.

Remember, job ads are usually geared to attract their “dream applicant”.  It does not mean that the employer would not consider someone with less experience if they were a good fit based upon education, training, and skill set.  Learn how to accentuate the positive in your resume and at job interviews by leveraging your key features.   Here are some examples:

  • Are you certified? Be sure to include your credentials on your resume. You would be surprised how many applicants forget that. Be sure to also spell out the acronym for your credentials. Employers are not familiar with every credential available so spell it out so they know that your credential is relevant.


  • Remember that a certification is not the same as getting a certificate of completion or a diploma. Examples of certification in the medical billing world are CMRS, CMBS, or the CPB.


  • Did your education provide hands-on training? What steps of the revenue cycle did you perform? Which software program/s were you trained in? Be sure to convey this information because these items are actually experience.


  • Did you complete an internship? Be sure to list this as a position just like a paying job on your resume and be specific about your duties at that site.


  • What skill sets do you possess that are transferrable to the medical billing position you are seeking? Do you have great customer service skills? An accounting or bookkeeping background? Are you detail oriented?   Do you have good problem solving skills? Feature those skills, but don’t just say it—PROVE it! Give an example of how you solved a thorny problem at one of your prior jobs, or how you were honored for your great customer service skills and how those skills will be a valuable asset to the employer and specifically to the position you are seeking.


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